Pinot Noir, 2016, pozdní sběr Palaviense, Purmice, Vinselekt – Michlovský

Why choose Pinot Noir?

We looked for this Pinot for a long time and we are glad we have found it. Seductive fruit red wine. This wine is something between light and heavy. Same us all our other wine, this Pinot Noir is dry wine, but this one dazzled us with its taste of chocolate and gingerbread.  Pinot Noir is beautifully drunk as an aperitif with good cheese or as a wine for a pleasant conversation.

Winery story

On Pálava hills, on limestone bedrock there are 125 hectares of Vinselekt Michlovský vineyard. Local clime, professional supervision of wine guru Doc. Ong. Miloš Michlovksý, DrSc and traditional ways of methods of processing give rise to truly great wine, many of which collect leading awards at home and abroad.

215.00 Kč