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Treat your guests to a wine fridge full of specialty wine. 

At WineAbouts, we believe wine is an integral part of a good meal or pleasant evening. We offer wine fridges to apartments for rent, which allow the guests to buy quality wine directly in the apartment. That gives hosts the opportunity to provide their guests with comfortable service and increase the attractiveness and income of their rent. At the same time, the guests have certainty of quality and interesting wine.

You will find wines from proven winemakers and local wines, in our wine fridge. Our wine selection is smaller but dynamic. We care up for you to always find new and quality wine at WineAbouts.

What do we offer

Winebox restock

Whenever the fridge is empty, or the resident wants to order specific wine, the procedure is simple, scan the QR code on the fridge, order and we will deliver. 

Wine Fridge Order

Please, fill in the necessary details and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

The wine fridge is separated into two parts for six bottles each. You can set individual temperature in each part so both red and white wine has ideal conditions.