Château la Graviere, 2018, Appelation D´OC, Château la Graviere, Bordeaux

Why choose Bordeaux?

The Bordeaux region most is what many of us associate with red wine. No wonder, over the last eighty years white Bordeaux production has dropped from 50 % to 10 %. However, the spicy and earthy elements of Bordeaux Wine are also beautifully reflected in white varieties. In the case of this bottle, it is mainly Sauvignon Blanc. Significantly dry, aromatic Bordeaux has a strong after taste which tempts you to take another sip.

Winery story

When the Pere Verge family began producing wine in 1985, the winery was only 2 hectares. The grapevines here are up to 50 years old which gives this wine a very distinctive minerality. The winery is much more extensive these days, but it still remains in the Pere Verge family and still keeps producing excellent Bordeaux. 

297.00 Kč