Ryzlink vlašský, 2019, pozdní sběr BV fifi, Mlýnská, Filip Mlýnek, FiFi Wajn

Why choose Italian Riesling?

If you would like to have a more full-bodied and heavier white wine we recommend Riesling. Do not get confused by its floral aroma and nutty taste, you will be surprised by its balanced sweet and acidic tones, but at the same time it keeps its harmony and quality as with all other wines from the Mlýnek Winery.

Winery story

The history of the Mlýnek Winery begins with Filip Mlýnek´s great-grandfather, Matěj Svoboda, who began to grow Italian Riesling and Grüner Veltliner in Dolní Dunajovice. His vineyards were confiscated as part of the nationalisation. However their passion for wine never left their family for a moment. Almost one decade later here is Filip Mlýnek, a young, enthusiastic winemaker with a long family tradition, rich experience and the courage to experiment. Wines from Mlýnek Winery are unmissable and since they are only produced in small volumes they disappear as quick as they arrive. 

215.00 Kč