Rebuli, Brut, DOC


Rebuli is a dry fruity prosecco with nice citrus flavors and a nice pear smell. This sparkling wine made only from Glera variety is definitely one of the best Italian sparkling wines we had tasted to this day. Also, the bottle is made from recycled glass.

Rebuli vineyard

Rebuli is a family business that produces top-quality wines from the 80s. It is based in the Treviso region, near the Piave river. This region is well known for making the best prosecco you can find.  The winemaking process in Rebuli is focused on sustainability and cooperation with stunning nature in this part of Italia, grapes are handpicked and only nature-based fertilizers are used on vineyards. Also, all bottles from Rebuli are made from recycled glass.

297.00 Kč