Muškát moravský, 2019, Na Vinici, Vinařství pod Radobýlem

Why choose MOPR?

Its hard to find a more aromatic white wine than today's traditional Mopr (Muscat Ottonel and PRachttraube). The wine absolutely won us over with its nice fruity aroma. After a single sip this wine spills into a whole spectrum of different flavours which leaves a delicate aftertaste just for a short while, but remains in your memory forever.

Winery story
The winery can be found at the foot of the Radobýl hill. The historical roots of the winery date back to the time of Charles IV. However, in recent decades the vineyards have been gradually overgrowing with weeds and woody plants from the surrounding area.The new owners of vineyards have put in a lot of effort, time and love into recovery of the vineyards. This devotion is clearly noticeable in the quality of the wine made in their oak and stainless steel barrels today.

215.00 Kč