Côtes du Rhône, 2017, Appelation D´OC, "St. Esprit", Delas Freres

Why choose Côtes-du-Rhône?

If there is Côtes-du-Rhône written on a bottle of wine, you have a good chance of having good wine in your hand. No wonder, Rhóna Valley is one of the oldest wine regions on our planet. In this case, you will mainly find the aromatic variety of Syrah in the bottle. This wine fascinated us with its plum taste and nice aromas of licorice. This wine goes pretty well with Provence cuisines, such as baked potatoes, stuffed tomatoes, or grilled meat. But it is also perfect to drink just the way it is.

Winery story
Dalas Frères winery celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2015. In these 180 years, the Dalas family has accomplished a lot. From the expansion of vineyards, through the gradual improvement of everything that makes good wine to soil cultivation and production. Today, wines from Delas Frères achieved even the highest appellations and their wine is one of the finest among the vineyards of the Rhone Valley.

297.00 Kč