Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018, pozdní sběr, Jižní svahy, Moravíno Valtice

Why choose Cabernet Sauvignon?

If you have ever heard that Czech and Moravian red wine is behind the quality of white, let us our Cabernet Sauvignon to convince you about the opposite. This ruby smells of ripe forest fruit with a full, heavy taste of red wine, spiced with tones of gingerbread and chocolate. The wine goes well with beef steaks or venison.

Winery Story

Moravíno vineyards are located in the biosphere reserve in Valtice-Dolní Morava. On 27 hectares of their own vineyards, they put emphasis on the sustainability of the wine production process in the greatest possible cooperation with nature. The wine matures here in oak barrels and it is clear that it is made with great care.

297.00 Kč