Château Cap de Fer, 2018, Appelation D´OC, Château Cap de Fer, Bordeaux

Why choose Bordeaux?

You should order Bordeaux if you would like to have more earthy and full-bodied wine. Our Bordeaux from Château Cap de Fer surprised us mainly with its approachable characteristics. The heaviness and fullness of the berries are perfectly balanced by tones of dark chocolate. However, you can feel a strong fruity aftertaste which leads you to take another sip. Bordeaux goes well with steaks and other red meats. This wine invites deep conversations and for a long memorable evening.

Winery story
Winery Château Cap de Fer is located in village Yvrac between the Gardonna and Dordogne rivers. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc are grown on the local aluminous-calcareous heavy soil. You can find lots of good wines in this area and it took us a lot of time to discover the best value for money. We found our favorites here in Château Cap de Fer.

297.00 Kč