How it works?


How do I pay for a wine?

Load our QR code, choose a wine and proceed to payment by card. Do not have QR code? Choose your wine and pay here

I cannot choose/the wine fridge is empty.

If there is no of our wine in the wine fridge, or you cannot find your favorite, order in our E-shop and we will deliver you the wine.

Is it possible to order wine without your wine fridge?

Definitely yes, we can deliver the wine wherever you want to.


Will I have to pay for something?

No. Rental of the wine fridge is free of charge. In return, we would like you to take care of the wine fridge.

I would like to order a wine fridge from you.

If you want to order wine fridge from us, just fill in the form, we will contact you back and introduce you all the benefits of cooperation.

What will I have to do as a host?

Just contact us that you need to refill a wine fridge. Choose here which wine you are missing and we will deliver the wine to you. If you order a wine by 12am, we will deliver it within two hours of your order. If you order a wine after 12am, we will deliver it no later than next day.

Will I have to pay for the wine?

Not at all, the wine will be paid for by your guest through the payment gateway.

What are the delivery conditions?

We will arrange delivery around Prague free of charge. We prefer to deliver on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.